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PET ADDENDUM & POLICY This agreement is attached to and becomes a part of the Lease dated_______________________, between _________________________________, LLC and  Tenant_______________________________ and     ____________________________________. Tenant desires to keep a pet named _____________________ and described as _____________, in the dwelling they occupy under the Lease referred to above, and because this Lease specifically prohibits keeping pets without the Lessor’s permission, Tenant agrees to the following terms and conditions in exchange for this permission: 1. Tenant agrees to keep their pet under control at all times. 2. Tenant agrees to keep their pet restrained, but not tethered, when it is outside their dwelling. 3. Tenant agrees to adhere to local ordinances, including leash and licensing requirements. 4. Tenant agrees not to leave their pet unattended for any unreasonable periods. 5. Tenant agrees not to leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their           dwelling where it will attract other animals. 6. Tenant agrees to clean up after their pet and dispose of pet’s waste properly and quickly. 7. Tenant agrees to keep pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive and causing any         annoyance or discomfort to others and will remedy immediately any complaints made                                            through the Lessor or Manager.      8. Tenant agrees to provide pet with regular health care, to include inoculations as           recommended. 9. Tenant agrees to provide pet with identification tag. 10. Tenant agrees not to breed their pet.  In such accidental case where the tenant’s pet has         offspring, tenant agrees to get rid of pet’s offspring within eight weeks of birth. 11. Tenant agrees to pay immediately for any damage, loss or expense caused by their pet.          Tenant will pay a non-refundable PET FEE in the amount of $200.00 for exterminating and odor control.  Pet fee is due at signing of lease, prior to Tenant’s occupancy. 12. Tenant agrees that this Agreement applies only to the specific pet described above and that no other pet may be substituted. 13. Tenant agrees to furnish _________________________________, LLC with a picture of the pet. 14. Tenant agrees that _________________________________, LLC reserves the right to revoke       permission to keep the pet should tenant break this Agreement.  In such event Tenant agrees to immediately remove the pet from premises. 15. Tenant will keep no more than one pet. 16. Tenant agrees to pay $25.00 per month in additional rent. Cats result in no additional rent per month. 17. Tenant understands that if an unauthorized pet is discovered on the premises, all deposits, fees  and additional monthly rent will apply all the way back to the beginning of the lease. Accepted by: ____________________________________ _____________________________________  Date: _____     Tenant Tenant ____________________________________ _____________________________________   Date: _____ Tenant Tenant ____________________________________ Date: ___________ Wayne E. Matthews, Manager