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On Monument Ave.
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Live On One Of The Most Beautiful Streets In America.

Contemporary City Living at a Historic Address. Offering the finest apartments, and single-family home rentals in the Richmond area. Monument Avenue was conceived during a site search for a memorial statue of General Robert E. Lee after Lee’s death in 1870. Monument Avenue, in Richmond, Virginia, is a premier example of the Grand American Avenue city planning style. The first monument, a statue of Robert E. Lee was erected in 1890. Between 1900 and 1925, Monument Avenue exploded with architecturally significant houses, churches and apartment buildings. The street was originally, and continues to be, a favored living area for Richmond's upper class. It is lined with enormous mansions from the end of the gilded age.The Museum District part of Monument Avenue includes a combination of such houses (especially in the 3100 block), apartment buildings, and smaller single family houses. Westt of I-195, Monument Avenue becomes an upper middle class suburban road of no particular note.


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